Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Make shaving a thing of the past with the latest technology! Heavenly Oasis we use Alexandrite and YAG lasers for unwanted facial and body hair.  The technology allows you to have hair removal for all skin type.  This laser protects your upper skin with bursts of cooling agent. When the skin is properly cooled the post laser care is comfortable. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to educate you and answer all of your questions regarding laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by selectively destroying the hair shaft with the use of a laser. The beauty of the laser is such that only the pigmented hair shaft is targeted and the remaining tissue is cooled and left unaffected. Depending on your hair cycle, it requires 4 to 10 treatments. Packages are available at Heavenly Oasis.

Pricing is usually determined by the amount of area requiring treatment.

What makes us different?

Firstly we are extremily honest and we care deeply and trully about our clients results and confort. We have a fine eye for details (you will get the best brazilian laser ever!) We constanly adjust intensity and wavelength to make sure you get the best results possible. We respect the time between sessions. The long pulse width and cooling technology makes this laser highly efficient and safe. Once you get laser with us you will understand 🙂

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It's only safe to treat certain skin tones?

Laser hair removal is safe for everyone. We use a long pulsed YAG laser machine that has been specifically designed for laser hair removal in darker skin tones. With a longer wavelength than other lasers, YAG bypasses the melanin in the skin to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle.


Area Female Male
areola 10 28
under-arm 25 32
arms-full 69 99
arms-upper or lower 50 69
back-full 129 129
back-half 99 99
back & shoulders 149  149
back of neck 29 29
chest 49 79
chest & stomach 89 129
hands & fingers 19 25
shoulders 39 49
snail trail 19 29
stomach 49 54
Area Female Male
chin 15 32
ears 19 19
eyebrows  n/a n/a
face 39 99
lip 15 29
lip & chin 25 43
nose 10 18
sides 29  49
Area Female Male
snail trail 12 25
anus 12 n/a
feet 12 25
lip or chin 12 25
shave 35 35
Area Female Male
buttocks 49 89
feet & toes 12 25
knees 25 49
legs-full 119 169
anus 12 n/a
bikini 29 n/a
bikini extended  39 n/a
brazilian & anus 49 n/a
legs-upper or lower 79 109
Area Female
Brazilian + anus + underarm 59
1/2 Leg + Brazilian + Anus + Underarm 109
Full Leg + Brazilian + Anus + Underarm 159