Peel Treatments

Peel Treatments

What is Chemical Peeling?

Chemical peeling is an accelerated exfoliation of the skin induced by a chemical agent such as glycolic or mandelic acid. The depth and results of the peel depend on the strength of the chemical agents used, the type of active ingredients incorporated into the peel, the skin type and the skill of the operator.

Superficial peeling agents cause an increased slough of the outer layers of the skin resulting in a mild to moderate peeling. The superficial peeling will result in skin renewal and assist with the reduction or disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation, acne lesions, fine lines and wrinkles Moderate and deeper peels cause a removal of the top layer of the skin, inflammation and regeneration of the lower layers.

Heavenly Oasis’s peels are made from a variety of potent cosmedical skincare ingredients such as botanical vitamin A, natural fruit acids and enzymes.

AHA Enzyme Peel – 30min $75

A gentle micro-exfoliating treatment designed to soothe, hydrate and micro-exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skins.

Peel Accelerator  – 30min $105

Chirally correct vitamin, antioxidant and hydroxy acid peel to renew, brighten and smooth the skin.

Ageless Peel – 45min $179

A cosmedical grade Vitamin A , amino acid and marine collagen peel to target visible signs of aging and sun damage. Works on a dermal level to encourage a revitalised, smoother and more even complexion.

Purple Peel – 60min $179

A cosmedical grade intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing. This medical-grade peel contains Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, and Mandelic acid. An intensive peel, it is effective in renewing, brightening, and resurfacing which makes it the ideal treatment for severely pigmented and aged skin. The purple peel requires full skin preparation three to four weeks prior to treatment with specialised skincare products. The purple peel contains Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), with Salicylic acid being the most active ingredient used. This treatment is perfect for those with oilier or acne-prone skins, as it is oil-soluble and penetrates deeper into the skin. BHA peels provide the most dramatic results for aging, pigmented and problematic skin areas. The benefits include the resurfacing of the skin by removing damaged layers, promoting healthy new cell growth, reducing pigmentation, normalizing oil production and improving the appearance of acne scars resulting in a youthful and clear complexion.