Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

Brow Tattoo (Touch up included)

2 hours $600

If you are not satisfied with your eyebrows there is a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results.

Ombré brows
Is a type of permanent makeup that gives you a defined and bold look, but still really natural. We use a small device and a single needle to create the ombré effect.

Brow feather
This technique creates realistic hair strokes and gives a fluffy, softer, and natural look. This method is suitable for those with dry or normal skin. We use a small device and a single needle to draw every single feather stroke.

Combination Brows
This technique combines the ombré shading and with added hair strokes in the front.

How does it work?

The entire procedure takes around 2 hours, starting with measurements, reshape, naming cream to develop a better shape, respecting the morphology of the face (the secret). During this procedure, the eyebrow specialist will choose the pigment and colour and once the client is satisfied with the choices the hand tool with ultra-fine needles will be used by the specialist, by making very delicate hair strokes letting them very realistic. After 4-6 weeks the client will come back for a touch-up session to ensure the perfect result. It takes around 45 mins and there is no extra cost for that.

Best for:

Anyone who wants to lightly fill out the brows they already have. We recommend booking a consultation first, which is $35 and takes 25 mins, when the eyebrow specialist does an eyebrow assessment, you will discuss your objectives and expectations. She will do the eyebrow design and ensure that there’s enough natural hair to help blend the pigment into your brows. At the end of your consultation, if you decide to go brow feathering, the $35 will be discounted from the final price.

How long does it last?

Depending on certain factors, like your skin type, age, and skin-care routine, brow feathering will usually last 8 to 12 months


Velvet Lips (Touch up included)

2 hours $600

Is a type of permanent makeup that gives color and enhances the lips, it also can correct the shape or neutralize dark lips.